Shawn P. Conlin

Losing It!


Current Weight Loss
Starting Weight: 260 Lbs
Target Weight: 200 Lbs
3 lbs

Who am I?

     I'm not sure I can actually tell you who I am, but I can tell you what I've done and what I'm doing.

I worked in the tech industry for most of my life. I started out selling computer parts and building systems, transitioned in to tech support followed quickly by software development until finally landing in software quality assurance for roughly a decade. I recently registered Wolvesbane Manor, LLC for publishing table-top role-playing games, adventures, maps, and supplements.

     Over the years, I dealt with stress, anxiety, and personal trauma—on and off the job—resulting in multiple mental health diagnoses including cPTSD. I've also developed my fair share of physical issues: high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, numerous joint issues, and diabetes just to name a few. I have continued to muddle through as best as I can, but it's not getting any easier. In order to keep my diabetes under control, I need to change my diet and drop almost half my body weight. I'm told this may also improve some of my other physical issues. I don't believe that since I had these issues since before I broke 200 lbs, but so long as the word "obese" appears in your chart there isn't a single doctor that will look beyond it for an answer. I've now decided it's time to take away their crutch and maybe get the help I need.

     You might be wondering what in all of this qualifies me to write a weight loss and health blog. That answer is very simple; I'm not qualified. I'm not a nutritionist, physical therapist, doctor, or even a personal trainer. I am an old, fat man with lots of health problems, bad habits, and a rotten attitude. I think that gives me a perspective that is often overlooked and may be useful to others like me. Maybe I can share some tips that worked for me. Maybe I'll inspire someone that had given up, like I did for too long. Then again, maybe I'll just be screaming into the void which is fine; I've done lots of that in my life.

Shawn at 260 lbs.
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